Das Buch zu IIST

The International Institute for Internal Systems Therapy (IIIST) has been established to provide an organization to coordinate and facilitate the worldwide education and training programs arising out of the work of Tom Holmes with Internal Systems Therapy (IST) and spirituality.

The Internal Systems Therapy model evolved out of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of Richard Schwartz.    While largely adopting the systemic principles and methods of IFS,  the IST model sees the systemic structure as different from that of a family and therefore does not use the word family.  Additional differences from IFS is that the IST model is focuses on integration with other models of psychotherapy, coaching and holistic oriented therapies.  This means that while the systemic perspective offered by IFS is the core of the framework, interventions from other therapeutic models are seen as appropriate at certain therapeutic junctures. In addition the IIIST institute emphasizes the integration of the inner systems work with the spiritual life of both the therapist and the clients.  Tapping the healing power of a person’s spiritual life is seen an important healing source for many, which not often utilized by traditional therapies and not emphasized in the IFS training.